Skinnier Mac and Cheese with thyme (A Lighter Way to Bake)


The diet attempts to continue but I will admit I ate a bigger portion (as seen in the picture) than the recipe intended, as the recipe was for 6 (why don’t recipe books write recipes for 4 more often, how often do people cook for 6?). Even with the bigger portion, working out the calories, 698, it wasn’t too bad (and I’ve done quite a lot of walking today) and it was an excellent source of calcium, something I normally struggle a bit to obtain, as I don’t eat that much dairy products (if you discount chocolate). For the record, I had a layered compote, yoghurt, granola thing for breakfast (combined with juice, 430 calories), a wrap, a drink and some fruit from Pret for lunch (combined total 521 calories) and only a packet of hula hoops (126 calories) as a snack today, so I’m still within limit (exercise calories – 199). Anyway, although the Mac and cheese was a skinnier version (200g cheese in the whole dish), it was still satisfyingly cheesy and to be honest, even I find those chuck a whole cheese board macaroni recipes OTT. I was dubious, as making, about the bread crumb topping, I normally like my macaroni without but honestly, that was the nicest bit!

Anyway the recipe is from Lorraine Pascale’s A Lighter Way to Bake (Lorraine is worth a follow on Twitter for healthy eating in general inspiration, as she seems to be on a healthy living kick far more successful than mine and she tweets pictures of the most gorgeous looking dishes). I haven’t cooked from A Lighter Way to Bake before, so quite impressed with the Mac and Cheese for a first recipe to try. The majority of the book is the sweet side of baking but there is a substantial chapter on savoury baking, as well as a chapter on breads. She includes nutritional information at the end of each recipe, alongside a comparison of the nutritional information for a non light version of the same dish. To be honest some of the time the calorie / fat / sugar difference is not that great, but sometimes it is and I guess every little reduction helps. I do hope to cook from this more because having monitored my food intake for about a month now, my big weakness is when I bake something and I’m not sure I want to give up such a relaxing hobby.


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