Fresh and Light


I’ve been cooking from Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light for a few weeks now, I’m afraid the above is the only photo I have to show for it, as the dishes I made, although nice, weren’t exactly photogenic, although that was largely my fault and not the book’s.

Fresh and Light is a typical Donna Hay book, i.e. gorgeous photography, healthy food and relatively simple to cook. In this book there seems to be a heavy emphasis on chicken breasts, ricotta and quinoa, so if you’re not on a food budget (I am, so not the most practical book) and you’re ok with ricotta (not really in my case) and quinoa (love the stuff) and want to eat a little more healthily without counting the calories (Donna’s very against counting calories), then this is the book for you!

From the book I’ve made banana, bran and cinnamon muffins (very healthy and worthy and consequently not that popular in this house), Asian chicken salad, chicken and mint summer rolls (which were a bit of a disaster, as I couldn’t stop the rice wraps going into a gelatinous mess, so I ate the filling as a wrap instead, which was nice) and the above banana and blueberry bread, which although nice and on the worthy side again, is (sorry Donna, I worked out the calories) a whopping 377 calories! I’m sorry but I think could go and eat something less worthy tasting than that if I wanted to put away a slice of cake nearly brushing 400 calories!

I will continue to cook from this book, the sweet treats section does look nice but it’s not something both financial and family wise, I could cook from regularly.


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