I Am Pilgrim


I was in the mood for a thriller, the sort of book equivalent to a nice, not too silly but no so serious you loose track of the plot within half an hour, movie. I Am Pilgrim had been teasing me from supermarket book shelves for weeks (and I always try really hard not to buy books from supermarkets) but I folded last weekend and have just spent a very happy week devouring this massive tome. Written by Terry Hayes, this is his first novel but he’s a screenwriting veteran and you can tell. The book is fast paced, some of the chapters are literally two pages long but they leave you desperate for more, so many times I told myself I would stop reading at the end of a particular chapter, only to find my eyes drawn irresistibly to the next page. The tone of voice is really good to, the narrator, a main character of multiple names, is an ex spy who spies on other spies. He attempts to escape his past but his past soon comes back to find him and he’s back on another case, in a race against time to stop a terrorist strike a lethal blow against America. The villain of the piece is also good, as all good villains should be, he is written convincingly enough that you know that for him, he’s not the villain, he’s the hero.

This is not a literary masterpiece but it’s not pretending to be, if you want something really good to grasp your attention this summer (and you like thrillers), I Am Pilgrim would definitely fit the bill.

***** (out of 5)


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