Our Mathematical Universe


After reading Kaku’s Parallel Worlds, I set about reading Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark, or should I say, I listened to it on audiobook. Our Mathematical Universe is a little more up to date than Parallel Worlds and Tegmark has a nice relaxed writing style (not that Kaku’s style is particularly stiff), however when I got to the second half of Mathematical Universe, when Tegmark starts talking about his Mathematical Universe theory, then he totally and utterly lost me. To be honest I only stuck with it because (a) I hate not finishing books and (b) the book was narrated by Rob Shapiro, who has a lovely voice but even then, it took me a long time to get through this. However I’m glad I stuck with it, as in the last chapter Tegmark goes on to talk about another pet topic, the very cheerful destruction of civilisation, like Kaku he believes that we are currently at a critical juncture and the next 100 years will be crucial ones, it is a scary thought. I wish, like Tegmark advocates, more of us would lead a ‘scientific lifestyle’ and then maybe, we as a species, could collectively get our heads out of the sand and start dealing with the pressing problems we’re facing.

** (out of 5) stars


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