A TARDIS birthday

The TARDIS and Peter Capaldi's Doctor

Mr. Lacer loves Doctor Who, as do I but his passion runs deeper, as in record all the really old reruns and rewatch them religiously, even though he’s seen them all many many times before, passionate. Me, I vaguely remember Tom Baker, only really appreciated it from Peter Davidson and ‘my Doctor’ if anything was Sylvester McCoy (and I loved Ace). Anyway, Mr. Lacer really loves Doctor Who, so we had a bit of a TARDIS themed birthday today, the above is my birthday present to him, it’s the new bit (aka Peter Capaldi) plus the TARDIS, which I never got round to stitching the first time, from Weelittlestitches Doctors pattern, which was updated when Capaldi was announced. I made most of the original pattern for Mr. Lacer’s birthday three years ago (and the cushion is still on the sofa to this day).

I’ve seen probably a couple of minutes of Capaldi as the new Doctor (if that) and I’m already in deep Doctor love and me and Mr. Lacer have been swotting up on our Capaldi appreciation by having box set marathons of The Thick of It, which is utterly brilliant. I’d caught some of the later series when it aired originally but had never seen the older episodes. Capaldi is so good at being bad, he somehow makes it so that even though he’s a right nasty piece of work (with his heart, somewhere, in the right place), you want him, desperately to prevail. And of course he was good as another nasty piece of work in The Musketeers and I loved his appearance in World War Z. Needless to say, I am waiting for August, desperately, specially as we’ve run out of The Thick of It’s to watch.

But back to the TARDIS birthday, the kids both gave Mr. Lacer TARDIS themed presents (salt and pepper TARDIS’ and a TARDIS T-shirt) and for his birthday cake, well, I would just like to remind everyone (just like I reminded my family before they saw the cake) that my record of decorating cakes is not good.


See, told you. At least I tried, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to decorate a cake as something before. If you google TARDIS cake (and if Google has indeed led you here, shame on Google), there are some fantastic how tos for TARDIS cakes, not at all how I made mine. My one is basically a loaf cake covered badly in blue icing. I wish I’d been able to find a black icing pen, that would have helped but I couldn’t and I didn’t have any smaller nozzles on my (little used) icing set.


The cake itself is a chocolate marble cake from Mary Berry, the recipe is here, I know full well I’ve got at least one chocolate marble loaf cake recipe in my baking book collection but laziness overcame me when planning what I was going to cook and I just googled a recipe instead. Luckily the cake is nice and I thought sort of apt in a swirly Doctor Who kinda way.


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