Koi carp drawstring bag


This was my first experiment with Sulky Solvy (I’ve only just sewn it up, thanks to trying to keep up with #30for30crafting). The embroidery pattern, from Urban Threads, is very intricate and there’s no way I’d have managed to completely accurately transfer the pattern, specially onto coloured, patterned fabric. So I’m very pleased with the result, even a disaster with one of my not so colour fast embroidery threads, worked out quite well I think. The leached colour has stained most of the rest of the embroidery thread I used but in a mottled way, so that it looks like I used variegated thread but in a much more subtle, vintage way, than if I’d actually used variegated thread.



3 thoughts on “Koi carp drawstring bag

    1. No, just for me 🙂 S is in charge of making her own teacher presents now (this year it’s a rather nice painted pottery kitten) and Z’s teacher is getting a mug from John Lewis.

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