Camera bag charm


Years ago now, I lost my camera because it was on my lap, in its black case, whilst I was sitting in the car. I got up to get out of the car, forgot the camera was on my lap (in my defence it was a smaller camera than my current one), it fell out of the car and because it was in a black case and it was night time and there were no lights, I didn’t notice it had fallen. I didn’t realise I’d lost my camera until the next day. Since then I’ve been quite paranoid about the fact that pretty much all camera cases are black (my current camera case is the second I’ve bought since that fateful night) and I’ve been worried about loosing the camera at night again, not that I take my camera out at night much anyway. Cue quite a few years later this camera bag charm. Actually, I was not prompted to make this by my continued worries about loosing my camera at night but more due to still working my way through #30for30crafting. I’d spent the morning working on another much delayed WIP and I was looking in my scrap pile for some fabric. I pulled out the bright pink with rectangles fabric, which I’m quite attached to, as I used it for one of the handkerchiefs I made for the Hoopla book and once again, as I always noted when I pulled out that fabric, there in the corner of the remaining piece, was a little black embroidery of a camera that I stitched four years ago. And I thought, “you know what, lets forget the other neglected (by about nine months or so) WIP and go and work on something much older”. The embroidery was worked up as a series of camera embroideries, I know I did some more camera embroideries at the time, I think I was planning on making a camera themed quilt, I’m not totally sure what happened to the other embroideries but I have a feeling I made them into little softies for the kids in the end. I’m not sure where I got this embroidery pattern from, I can’t find it searching through my embroidery files, I thought it might be a Tiny Bazaar pattern but I don’t think it is. So if anyone does know where the pattern is from, I’d love to know!



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