Gallery Tote (and an elephant pouch)


Do what you love and the camera by Urban Threads, lab rat by Corvus Tristis

Sometime last year, way last year, I decided that I was going to do at least a little something about all the unstitched embroidery patterns on my hard drive and stitch some of them up and then make a bag to showcase them. I did the embroidery part fairly quickly but as usual with me, it’s the sewing up bit that takes forever but thanks to #30for30crafting, I got my finger out and I’m really pleased I did because I think this is the nicest thing I’ve made in ages!


Eat me by Cate Anevskiwindow and red work bird by Urban Threads (I think?), Lovey Owls by Teeny Tiny Happy Things


Eat me close up as it didn’t photograph well in the above picture

I also, at the same time, embroidered an elephant to also go on the bag, but I decided it didn’t go to well with the other pieces, so I made that into a separate pouch today as well.


Painted elephant by Corvus Tristis.

I am so happy I stitched these up finally, it’s so nice to get them out of my to do pile and as they were a substantial part of the aforementioned pile, I almost feel like I can start something else ambitious now but I’ve still got lots of WIPs going on, so maybe I should control myself!


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