Mexican card cushion


I hadn’t made myself a new cushion for the sofa for a while and when I saw the Sublime Stitching Mexican Loteria patterns, a patchwork ‘playing card’ design sprung to mind.

It’s not my finest example of patchwork, some of the seams very definitely don’t join up, more due to cutting errors than sewing errors. I do cut with a rotary blade etc but usually it’s on my coffee table, not the best place to be doing it. It’s also not my finest example of embroidery, this was stitched with Sulky Solvy again and in this case it was definitely just me being lazy, I could have easily transferred the pattern with a light table. As usual, as I’m finding with Sulky Solvy, the stitches are looser than I would like, also I had terrible problems with the red running when I washed the Sulky Solvy off (thank goodness for dye catcher). Also, some of my back stitch on this, one of the simplest embroidery stitches ever, looks like a 5 year old did this, because the Sulky Solvy made it less clear, in places, where I was putting my needle (I think it didn’t help that the Sulky Solvy was coming loose at those points).

HOWEVER, I really like this cushion, I am really happy with the fabric choice, a mix of stash and (yes I’ll admit it) bought for the project fabric. I had such a clear idea of how I wanted the cushion to look and I didn’t have anything really, in my stash alone, that would have worked and I’m becoming fed up of ‘ruining’ projects at the fabric selection stage because I’m trying to stick with what I’ve got.


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