Maggie’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have way too many recipe books, which include a hefty selection of purely baking books, so you’d think I’d be spoilt for choice for chocolate chip cookie recipes right? Nope. I checked all my trusty favourites (I could find), no luck, so I thought I’d start trying my not so trusty favourites. To be fair to Leon: Baking and Puddings, where I eventually found a recipe, I don’t think I’ve cooked from it before, despite probably having it for about a year (bad me), so I don’t know if the book is trusty or not. I think I’m unfairly format biased, as the Leon books are, in my eyes anyway, so vintage looking, they’ve gone too far, iykwim. I don’t know why I keep buying them, in fact I did hold off buying this book for quite a while, but I always succumb in the end.

Anyway, as for the actually cookies, they’re ok, they suffer a bit from being on the sort of healthyish side, ok they’re not really healthy at all but they sort of count as healthyish in the they could be a lot more unhealthy sort of way. The recipe in the book is gluten free (although I substituted for normal flour, as we don’t have issues with gluten in our family), there’s no sugar but a very large amount of maple syrup with a side helping of agave syrup, which in my mind is still quite a lot of sugar but where the recipe falls down taste wise is that it doesn’t have enough butter and I really missed that buttery taste. They’re also aren’t the chewy kind of chocolate chip cookies that I really like.

As I haven’t blogged about Leon: Baking & Puddings before, here’s a quick review –

The book is divided into two parts; Everyday and Celebration. Everyday is divided into breakfast, tea, puds, breads, cooking with children sort of things. Celebration has the events you’d expect, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as the events you might not expect, like Wimbledon and St. George’s Day, I also liked that Thanksgiving and Eid were included to. The style of the book is very much in keeping with the previous two books, think retro seventies cookbook, but at least the photography is not sooo ‘authentic’ in this one and you can see what the dishes look like properly. The recipes are, as you’d expect with Leon, on the healthy side and flicking through the book (I’ll admit, I haven’t looked at it in ages), there’s recipes I would like to try but there’s nothing really stand out. I’ll admit bloggery bias here though, in that I’m trying not to bake full stop at the moment*, I need to loose weight and I’m trying to do it in a changing eating habit sort of way rather than go on a specific diet, make myself miserable, fall off it sort of way. I know that one of my weaknesses is when I bake, as I tend to eat all of it (or nearly all anyway), whereas if I buy biscuits for the family I tend to buy biscuits I don’t really like, so I don’t eat them and I’m not about to start baking things I don’t like! So I’m maybe not in the most positive frame of mind to review a baking book!

* These cookies were baked for a picnic to share, I’ve still eaten four though to ‘test they’re ok’, sigh.


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