#30for30crafting – finished!


So I’ve finished #30for30crafting! It wasn’t continuous as I missed a few days but I think I kept with the spirit pretty well. I used the challenge to work on neglected WIPs, I did finish some, the walk in the park bag, a camera bag charm, an embroidered tote bag and the koi carp drawstring bag, all of which I’ve blogged about previously. I’ve also made headway on other neglected / delayed projects, above is the on – very off again Merry Meadow from Mochimochi. Below is the finally all completely cut pieces for a fairy tale quilt based on Little Dorrit and co. embroidery patterns that I stitched way last year.


I also tried vainly to catch up with my sky scarf and mood blanket.



I even worked on my even more neglected EPP project


Much as I normally try and steer well clear of challenges etc., doing this this month has encouraged me to think about maybe trying craft 365 again, in an attempt to chronicle more my work in progress than just the finished thing. It doesn’t matter if I miss a day here or there. There’s still so many neglected WIPs and new stuff I want to do to. So from tomorrow you’ll see, instead of my #30for30crafting photos on Twitter, there will be a daily WIP shot.

(You can read about the start of my attempt at #30for30crafting here.)

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