Vintage flowers




A 1930s Dewhurst Sylco pattern that was uploaded to Hoop Love Vintage patterns by the Embroiderist, thank you, it was great fun to stitch!

3 thoughts on “Vintage flowers

    1. Oh definitely try embroidery, as someone once said (I think it was Jane Brocket), it’s like grown up colouring in, very relaxing. When I first started to embroider I started off with Sublime Stitching patterns and books by Aimee Ray, as their patterns are quite simple and can (in the most part) be done just with back stitch, which is an easy stitch and the main stay of most embroidery (for example about 90% of my vintage flowers embroidery was stitched with back stitch). You can find lots of diagrams and videos online on how to do the basic embroidery stitches. Oh and just thought of one other good place for beginner embroidery patterns is Wild Olive. But really the world’s your oyster, there’s so many lovely embroidery designers out there. I also write for on Sundays, reviewing embroidery patterns, looking through there can be a good source of inspiration to. Good luck!

  1. Thank you for such a lot of advice and directions as to what guides to look at. I’m already familiar with back stitch so seems a logical first step. I will certainly look at your views and hopefully one day be competent enough to try some myself. Thanks again for being so helpful 🙂

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