Digital Revolution


We went to Digital Revolution at the Barbican today, a mix of retro games, early CGI films, the latest technology, indie games and art installations, it was great fun.


To be honest I wasn’t that keen on the old retro games, although Mr. Lacer and the kids were in their element but I loved watching clips of old CGI movies from my teenage years, eg The Abyss and The Lawnmower Man and it was fascinating watching a display on how they made Gravity, one of my much more modern favourite films.


The installations were really good, recognise the bloke above? I think pretty much nearly all of the installations were interactive.


Digital Revolution was split into three sections and you had to move from part to part through the Barbican to get to them, the second area was a room full of indie games to play and the third area was on level -2, a trek down a lot of stairs and down a dim spooky corridor but very much worth getting to.


It’s a bad photo but basically it’s a very dark room with lasers which you can interact with and bubbles that cascade from the ceiling, it was great fun!

Normally when we get our family art fix we go to Tate Modern, we had taken the kids to the Barbican before but it was quite a few years ago and they only vaguely remembered it. Boy Lacer has stated that he thinks we should go to the Barbican once a year, even if there aren’t any computers next time.


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