#craft365 1-30 and the first part of #spoonchallenge


After #30for30crafting, I was definitely up for documenting some more WIPs, so I started my own personal challenge of #craft365. I’d tried #craft365 before on Flickr, which is a great group but I struggled uploading something there every day, so I never completed, so this time I’m just posting the pic to Twitter. My own personal rules for this is that it has to be the first project I sit down to do each day, I often work on more than one thing each day and I didn’t want to get into having to make judgement calls about which one of my projects on a particular day was the most photogenic. So sticking to the first project each day means that a lot of the photos aren’t that photogenic and there are a lot of blanket photos (as the blanket is a great mindless wake up activity / I haven’t done any crafting all day and it’s late activity / I’m ill and brainless activity).


So anyway each 30 days I will blog about the WIPs I’ve featured, I won’t blog about the things I’ve actually finished (which was the vintage flower embroidery this month) but the others, well there are plenty of things that aren’t going to be finished for a very long time.






In this challenge I’m including in my definition of ‘craft’, stuff like art and baking as well as my normal stitch work and knitting and as it happens I’ve also been participating in the #spoonchallenge this month, a series of daily drawing prompts from Spoonflower. Some of them happened to be my first craft activity of the day, so also counted as my daily #craft365. Whether they’ve appeared as part of #craft365 or not, here are some of my favourites, it’s been good in particular to practice my Illustrator.



#Spoonchallenge 2 #Craft365 day 15 – mountain


#Spoonchallenge 6 – lemon


#Spoonchallenge 8 – arrow


#Spoonchallenge 13 – beetle


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