On the menu: muffins from Friends



I think I’ve referenced these on the blog before but I’ve never actually blogged about them, that’s because I haven’t made these for years, much to Mr. Lacer’s fairly regular grumbling. You see I used to make these blueberry muffins from Cooking with Friends all the time, when I first started to learn to cook. Cooking with Friends was actually the first cookbook I ever bought for myself. I still remember it clearly, browsing in one of the many chain bookstores that no longer exist, on Oxford Street, with the then relatively newly married Mr. Lacer, I came across the cookbook section and thought “hmm, maybe I should buy a cookbook? I dunno, am I actually going to use it?”, fast forward 15+ years and now I’m actively avoiding cookbook displays so I don’t buy anything. Despite the possibly dubious premise, it’s actually a really good cookbook and I do have some fond memories of the recipes I made from it and it wasn’t just the blueberry muffins that I made over and over again. Although I did move fairly quickly onto Jamie Oliver in his Naked Chef days, which expanded my repertoire from not just the sort of food imaginary sitcom characters eat.

I like baking with blueberries and I have tried many different variations on blueberry muffins (and cakes) from various food writers since. Mr. Lacer would invariably eat it and proclaim that it wasn’t as good ‘as those blueberry muffins you used to make’ and ‘when are you going to make those blueberry muffins again’. I don’t think Mr. Lacer gets that there are so many different recipes out there and so little time. I do think though that yep, these muffins, even after all these years, are still the nicest blueberry muffin recipe I own, due to basically the fact that they’ve got more butter in than most recipes, so considering I’m trying not to bake because I’m meant to be on a diet, perhaps I need another 15 year gap before I make these again.

(Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe on line and the book is out of print, however there are plenty of low priced second hand copies on Amazon last time I checked and it is worth it, even just for the nostalgia value),


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