Fox and sunflower


I was feeling a bit under the weather recently and I thought a nice bit of crafting would help make me feel better, unfortunately my go to when feeling poorly project, my blanket, wasn’t then an option, as I was out of yellow wool (that has since been remedied) and none of my other on the go projects or projects lined up in my head seemed simple enough. So I had a look through my far too extensive embroidery pattern collection and found a couple of patterns from Cozy Blue that I’d bought ages ago, so decided to do those. Now as I was feeling a bit poorly and my second packet of Sulky Solvy had finally arrived (had waited 2 months for that as the original package never turned up) and I didn’t fancy transferring the pattern by hand, I printed them out on Sulky Solvy (shrinking them a bit, as I wanted them to fit 10cm hoops). Now my instant love affair with Sulky Solvy has waned a bit whilst I was waiting for that second package, I don’t like using stuff that means I’m going to have to get my embroidery wet, due to the risk of my *ahem* supposedly water safe embroidery floss dye running, particularly when using reds, which is one of the reasons why I don’t like using water soluble pens either. I’m also not keen on Sulky Solvy as it can make my stitches look loose and it tends to make the fabric feel stiff after washing BUT it is great for transferring complex designs (or less complex designs if you’re feeling poorly), it is also great for transferring designs onto coloured fabric, which is why, much to my whinging, on finishing this project I’ve just spent the last hour fiddling with my printer (much to the annoyance of Mr. Lacer, who is trying to tidy his desk, which the printer is on), making sure the scale is right for my next project, which would have been a hell of a lot more tricky without Sulky Solvy. BUT back to the fox and the sunflower, I have a new nitpick about Sulky Solvy now, Sulky Solvy is sort of beige colour, not that much different from white I know but it has made a difference with the colours in this project, whilst stitching these with the Sulky Solvy on I was happy with the colours I was using, once washed of though and I was seeing the colours against the white background, not so happy. It’s that yellow really, I’m not sure it goes with anything but it looked a lot better against beige than it does white.


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