On the menu: more blueberry goodness



Blueberry loaf from Ruby Tandoh’s column (recipe is second one down) in The Guardian. It’s a healthyish cake (although as I’m calorie counting my bakes, heck everything at the moment, interestingly this cake is 6 calories more per portion than those divinely delicious and naughty tasting Friends blueberry muffins I made last week, the Friends muffins are much higher in fat though). This cake is healthyish because it uses yoghurt and oil instead of butter, the oil is meant to be almond oil (couldn’t find it anywhere) and although Ruby does suggest sunflower oil as an alternative, I used olive oil as it’s healthier and well I didn’t have any sunflower oil anyway. Consequently the cake does taste a bit of olive oil, which isn’t too bad, after all there is such a thing as olive oil cake but it is a bit of an acquired taste. The cake also has a bit of an oily texture to. But it was easy to make, satisfied my blueberry cravings and is edible but not so edible I’d eat four slices at once (*ahem* last week), which is actually a good thing really.

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