On the menu: Fun with Maltesers



Me and Boy Lacer have been talking about ‘future cake’ for the last few days, he reckons I haven’t made enough cake recently, stuff with blueberries in obviously don’t count. I asked him what ‘future cake’ would have in it and he said Maltesers, I may be biased because he’s my son, but that boy has good taste (at least when it comes to cakes anyway, if I could get him to eat grainy food as easily as he eats chocolate, that would be a big blessing). So Boy Lacer had been thinking about Maltesers and I’d been thinking about chocolate cake, so the two merged together into the idea of Malteser Brownies. I did think about adapting one of the many brownie recipes I have in my collection but then I thought someone on the internet would have written a recipe already and they have! I had to adapt the recipe slightly because I didn’t have enough chocolate (and what I had was only milk chocolate to), so I only put in a 100g of milk chocolate and to make up for the reduction in chocolateness I substituted 25g of the flour with 25g of cocoa powder. I also only had 50g of Maltesers but that was a fine amount.


The resulting brownies were delicious, best brownies I think I’ve made in a long time, crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, with random extra chewy malty bites, absolute heaven! The reduction in chocolate was actually both good and bad, I’m not that keen on extra chocolate-y intense brownies and these brownies were just chocolatey enough for me and only have one large 100g bar of chocolate in instead of nearly two makes it cheaper and slightly healthier (two big bars of chocolate are surprisingly expensive), however because they’re so eatable, I’ve eaten three slices in the space of an hour (and slightly regretting it now, but definitely only slightly), whereas I wouldn’t have done that if the brownies had been very chocolatey.

Out of curiosity for my US readers, I had a quick google to see if you could get Maltesers over in America and apparently you can’t! You’re missing out America! They’re really nice! They’re little chocolate covered malted honeycomb balls, I think the closet US sweet by the sound of it is Whoppers but without the honeycomb which is I think probably the crucial component in this recipe, to give he extra chewiness. I thought maybe I could suggest substituting with crushed up Crunchie bars but a quick google and you don’t have those either! (They’re not as nice, a bit too sweet for my tastes and I’ve got a sweet tooth!) I’m not sure if you have any honeycomb (also known as cinder toffee) sweets over in the States but they are so worth putting into these brownies and Maltesers don’t just work well in brownies, they work well with other chocolate cakes to (specially as toppings, they’re also good crushed up a la Jamie Oliver on ice cream or crushed up naughtily in milk shakes). If you’re completely honeycomb devoid, it’s apparently quite easy to make, I’m not sure if Sweets Made Simple is showing over in the States (if it is check it out, presumably on BBC America) but they made cinder toffee (honeycomb) in the latest episode and you can find the recipe here.



It didn’t take long before the talk turned to ‘future cookies’ and as I was still on a Maltesers kick and Jamie’s Comfort Food had just happened to join my collection *ahem* and the book just happened to have a Maltesers cookie recipe (Devil’s Double Choc Malt cookies to be precise), well they just had to be made.

It was an interesting cookie method, most of it was done in a saucepan but it obviously worked because the cookies were lovely!

Whose been watching the new Jamie’s Comfort Food show? I caught the first episode recently and loved it, it was much more like Jamie of old, as opposed to his 15 minutes stuff which to me seems to be the quickest way to stress yourself out and wreck your kitchen. Comfort Food is very much cooking for pleasure, finding comfort in the cooking as well as the eating. I loved the burger he made and this is someone who doesn’t like burgers! But if Jamie had reached through the TV and handed me one, I’d have eaten it there and then, just watching it made me literally hungry (you can check out the recipe for the burger here). The book generally is lovely, not sure how often I’m going to cook from it, it’s quite meat heavy for this almost semi vegetarian but the dessert sections are gorgeous!


2 thoughts on “On the menu: Fun with Maltesers

  1. So pleased you liked my Malteser Brownie recipe! It’s a real hit and as soon as you taste them you can see why. You explained them perfectly and Malteser cookies wow what a fab idea! – Jessiecakes x

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