An early Autumn walk in Richmond Park

My local council is conducting an experiment where they’re letting a number of small patches of land across the borough turn into little, very mini, wild meadows. I see the one nearest me when I go by on the bus, it was looking glorious all summer and then started to look distinctly ropey but in the past week it’s bloomed back into life again, I guess as the long grass starts to die back it allows the Autumn blooming specialists to take over. So my first photo isn’t from Richmond Park but is nearby.


Once in Richmond Park I walked up what is effectively Kingston Hill, and there were lots of sitings of deer as it is currently rutting season and this pushes the stags without their own herds much closer to the park boundaries than they would normally go.


Don’t worry Mr. Stag with the pointy antlers, the path is all yours (taken with my maximum zoom, which is why it’s not a brilliant photo, if Father Christmas wants to buy me this tripod I’d be very grateful – kidding, sort of)

Detouring around the stag, I moved further into the park and came across a family of deer.


The daddy of the family was taking it easy but then I heard a bellow from this magnificent creature coming from nearby woodland.


This got daddy out of bed.


Cross looking stag

Cue a lot of back and forth bellowing (where daddy stag had an even deeper bellow than challenger stag) and daddy stag scraping the ground with his antlers. Challenger stag soon scarpered with daddy stag staring menacingly after him. Now I had planned on walking in the same direction the challenger ended up running off in but I wasn’t planning on putting myself between any peed off stags, so I changed direction!

I ended my walk with a trip to Isabella Plantation, which is a small sectioned off area of the park where the planting is more formal (formal in that it’s planted at all really, so not that formal). They’ve been working on Isabella Plantation for a while making it more accessible for wheelchair users and it looks like they’ve finished now. There’s even a new toilet block and although it’s not everyday I take a photo of a toilet block, I thought it looked quite nice (and due to the environment in the Plantation, it’s a waterless toilet block, with waterless toilets and no sinks, just sanitising hand gel).



Nice accessible paths (and they’ve improved signage to, which is good as it’s quite maze like and easy to get lost in, although that could be considered half the fun).

Isabella Plantation, to me, has the feel of a fairy glade, specially with the tinkling sound of the stream running through it and its ponds.



Lovely green lushness, making the most of it before the Autumn colours really do start to kick in.



4 thoughts on “An early Autumn walk in Richmond Park

  1. Beautiful photographs. I just can’t believe the deer and stag were so close and out in the open. There are many deer in the country back near where I live in the UK but they are so timid and shy, we hardly ever get to see them!

    1. I think they’ve had to get used to humans being around, as the park, although big, doesn’t give them that much room to hide, particularly in rutting season. They don’t like humans though (and they understandably don’t like dogs even more), so if I see one on a path I’ll wait for it to move on before I pass!

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