#craft365 day 31-60

For most of the last 30 days the kids have been back at school, you’d think that would mean more time for crafting, ha ha ha *hollow laugh*. As usual after the summer holidays, I’m faced with a flat that’s even more of a wreck than normal and I have spent most of the time since the kids have been back at school either having a massive sort out, booting up my exercise and diet regime up to the notch it should have been all summer if I hadn’t been looking after the kids and running between various appointments, so crafting hasn’t had much of a look in.


I have completed some things (the Cozy Blue embroideries and #spoonchallenge, both of which were blogged earlier this month) but other than those, it feels like a whole lot of stuff just standing still. Such as –






*doing – duh me

I’m still practicing my Illustrator.


which is why I’m posting it

And this one was for my sister.


I’ve also been practicing in a more analogue way.



I’ve managed to get a lot more cooking done to (as you may see from my ‘On the menus’) and that included some baking, which I counted as creative.


I also managed to do a bit of work towards my professional goals, nowhere near as much as I would have liked though.



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