On the menu – adapted Chocolate Fudge Cake from Ruby Tandoh’s Crumb




Boy Lacer’s birthday cake was adapted from the chocolate fudge cake recipe from Ruby Tandoh’s brilliant new book, Crumb. A while ago I had asked both kids what they wanted for their birthday cakes this year, Girl Lacer chose something quite simple but Boy Lacer was very specific about what he wanted, chocolate cake with blackberries on top and raspberries in the middle (that boy has taste ). Now I’ve got loads of chocolate cake recipes but as Ruby Tandoh’s new book had just joined my collection I thought I’d give that a go. The whole book looks lovely and the chocolate fudge cake was no exception. I love Ruby’s writing style, it reminds me in a way of both Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater and the way the recipe read made me feel confident about making a cake a little more fancy than I would normally make. I particularly liked the chocolate ganache icing, I’d never made one before and I was concerned about it going lumpy but it came out like a shiny lump free dream.

The actual cake was extremely chocolatey (not surprising, 400g of dark chocolate and 50g cocoa powder was involved). The ganache (plus the addition of the quick homemade raspberry jam) made the cake lovely and moist. It went down very well with all the chocolate cake eaters in the family (ie not Mr. Lacer) but I’m not sure if it’s all going to get eaten, as it’s so chocolatey you wouldn’t want too much at once and I don’t think the cake’s going to be good for too long.


3 thoughts on “On the menu – adapted Chocolate Fudge Cake from Ruby Tandoh’s Crumb

  1. Looks wonderful! Especially with all those gorgeous blackberries! I’m loving Ruby’s book too – I made the apple rye upside down cake today, it’s delicious.

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