On the menu: Insanity Burger, some salad and some ‘healthy’ biscuits



This was definite cooking with love this one was, as I’m not much of a meat eater and haven’t eaten an actual meat burger since I was forced to as a little kid, was not at all keen then either. But after watching Jamie Oliver make the Insanity Burger on TV the other week and even I thought it looked good, well I had to give it a go, even though I knew that chances were I probably wouldn’t eat all of it but I knew that the rest of my far more carnivorous family would appreciate them (hence the cooking with love bit).

Even so, when it came to actually shaping the burgers I had to get Mr. Lacer to do it as I’m so squeamish. Making the rest of it was fun though and the burger sauce (dressed iceberg lettuce), onion, bacon and melted cheese was gorgeous . I was right about the actual burger though, too meaty for me but I did eat a bit. The rest of the family ate the burgers though, although both kids didn’t think they were as good as the burgers from school. The burgers could have perhaps done with more flavouring with the meat. So, I’m not sure if I’m going to be making these again, I’d like them again but with a veggie burger instead (yes, I’m hypocritical, I’m a semi vegetarian who can’t resist bacon).

You can find the recipe here.



This one is Spinach, Bacon and Pine Nut Salad, also from the Jamie Oliver Comfort Food book, except there’s no pine nuts in it as reading the Ocado reviews made me paranoid, so I used sunflower seeds instead. (For those that don’t know Ocado, they’re a food delivery service on the ‘posher end’ of the market, I use them as they turn up on time – most of the time, don’t screw farmers around and as long as your shop isn’t full of champagne and truffles they aren’t that expensive – and they price match. But reading the customer product reviews on the site can make you paranoid and make you wonder how they ever sell anything, although some of the low scores can be because of things like the chillis not being from the UK. Anyway if you read the reviews of their pine nuts they make them sound like an almost health hazard, as the pine nuts are from China and apparently pine nuts from China can give you something called pine nut mouth, where everything tastes bitter for days afterwards, I don’t want that, I like my food! So I’ve been scrutinising pine nut packets for weeks now, to see their source country and it’s always China. Hence why I substituted the pine nuts for sunflower seeds, it’s probably not even true for all I know).

Anyway the salad was lovely, nice and substantial and quite good for Autumn I think and the sunflower seeds in it were fine.


I made blueberry and lemon biscuits from this recipe, there’s no photos as they weren’t exactly photogenic but that was my fault, not the recipe. It was one of those cases where I thought I had all the ingredients but it turned out that I didn’t. In particular, I had to substitute the normal flour with wholemeal flour, which turned the biscuits healthyish (even though they had a ton of butter in them) and therefore not popular with the rest of the family. They were ok though and actually I thought the wholemeal flour gave them a nice, almost coconutty texture.


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