Richmond Park in Autumn (again)

I tripped and fell badly on my knee and elbow during my last run earlier this week (me – mid fall – you know how time can slow during these things – “Noooooo, my iPhone!” – yep forget the elbow I bashed badly in my (successful) attempt at keeping my phone from hitting the ground, as long as my iPhone is ok, everything is ok – I am way too attached to that thing). Anyway because I bruised my knee quite badly I don’t think it’d be a good idea to run until next week now, so instead of what would have been a run this morning, I went for a walk in the park instead and of course I took my camera.


The wild flower patch I walk past on the way to the park is still going strong.


Crunchy nut pods under foot.




And the prerequisite deer, it’s still mating season and it’s like a deer equivalent of a hot nightclub out there at the moment.

And as I thought, whilst taking the photos, that it was a shame that the photos didn’t catch how noisy the park is at the moment, I took a video to, you can hear a stag bellowing and some noisy birds, some of which are parakeets (yep, we have those in the park, I love the theory that they escaped from the set of The African Queen).

Richmond Park in autumn from J Lacer on Vimeo.


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