Lavender heart


Lavender is one of my favourite plants to grow (about one of the only plants I can grow and even then it’s a bit hit and miss), I love the smell of course and I love the way bees visit it. This year my lavender kept flowering relatively late and although I normally like to keep the lavender on the bush for the bees, as it was quite late and a lot of the lavender was still in bud, which is the best time to harvest for dried lavender apparently (which normally seems like you’re depriving the bees to be honest), I did harvest some.

I already had the heart embroidery, which I had been stitching over the summer (which felt kind of apt), in mind. So when the lavender had dried I made a little lavender heart. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough lavender but as it turns out I had just enough and it smells wonderful and it’ll be a great reminder of the summer over the winter.

The embroidery pattern by the way, is from an issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine.



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