October on Instagram

It’s been a busy month on Instagram for me, some of the photos have already appeared here or elsewhere but here are some that haven’t.

1st October

map cushion map cushion text16th October

spider spider text

19th October



I went for yet another one of my walks in Richmond Park, this time I thought I wouldn’t take my camera, instead use my phone if I saw anything, of course I pretty much instantly regretted it but I did get some good (I think) snaps, including these furry cows. Call me too much of a city dweller but I never knew that there were breeds of cow that were that furry or in fact that there were cows in Richmond Park. I don’t know if the cows are always there (they were in a bit I don’t normally walk in) or whether they are there over-wintering or something, they may possibly be the same cows I sometimes see by the river whilst I’m on the bus to Richmond (too far away to tell if they’re furry or not).

22nd October

roserose text

tintype tintype text

26th October

cake cake text

And it was delicious.

27th October

kew gardens 1

We went to Kew to do the deadly plants trail (now over sadly) which was great fun.

30th October

poppy crowds poppy crowds text poppies

But we got there eventually, if anything because we chose a spot where the view was partially obscured by some trees, but we still got to see the poppies pouring out of the window again, which is my favourite bit.

After that we walked into Shoreditch.


To go and see The Art of the Brick exhibition, which was great fun and the kids (particularly Boy Lacer I think) really liked.




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