On the menu: caramelised pear and buckwheat pudding cake




Life is busy at the moment, so not much time to cook, well, not cook properly anyway but I’ve been aware that that is always the danger time when my diet (as in what I eat day to day and not me trying to loose weight, although I have quite a bit of that to loose to) slips. So I’m back to having vegetable boxes delivered, Mr. Lacer groaned when he saw one in the kitchen again as I have a bit of a record about not using the contents of the boxes up but no, not this time, I swear, although it is hard, I had a butternut squash in my veg box last week and as soon as I saw it I could almost literally taste the thick gorgeous butternut squash soup I was going to make from it but have I had time? No.

Anyway, one thing we tend to struggle using up in veg boxes is fruit that although we like in desserts and cakes and things, we, as a family, tend not to eat them on their own, pears being one of them, so I made caramelised pear and buckwheat cake from Love, Bake, Nourish and it was gorgeous, three out of four Lacers liked it (Girl Lacer didn’t because I think the cake bit was a bit too ‘healthy’ for her). I had to adapt the recipe a little because even though I could have sworn blind that I had ground almonds in the kitchen, I even knew which shelf, could I find them? Nope. So I added extra buckwheat flour instead and I kid you not, I found the ground almonds less than 60 seconds after I had put the extra buckwheat in, too late then but it was fine.

I am now looking at Love, Bake, Nourish with new found interest, I’ve made stuff from it before and it’s been ok but I’m realising it’s a good compromise book, I can’t do without cake in my life and with this book it’s a good way of getting in some fruit I wouldn’t normally eat that much of to. The calorie count for the cake was not bad when I worked it out (I count ‘not bad’ as being less than a chocolate bar) but still not good considering I ate three slices!


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