Murder (Mayhem, #2)Murder by Sarah Pinborough

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Murder is the sequel to Mayhem and it is very much a sequel, so much so, if you haven’t read Mayhem yet, I very much recommend that you plan on reading one book after the other (if you plan to at all) because with a long gap, as I had, it can take a good chunk of the beginning of Murder until you finally remember who is who. Murder very much continues the story of Mayhem more or less where it left off (with just a few years of people being miserable in between). Anyway, whereas Mayhem is about the Jack the Ripper murders and another group of murders that happen at the same time ‘The Torso Murders’, Murder is about what happens to the survivors in the aftermath. I’m desperately trying not to give away spoilers, particularly for people who haven’t read Mayhem either but there is a supernatural element to the story but I like how you’re always left wondering, as the story is told from different character viewpoints, whether the supernatural things they fear they are undergoing isn’t actually the result of drug addiction and bad mental health. In Murder we see this fight with the supernatural and/or insanity again but this time I couldn’t help feel that the character undergoing this battle should have known better, the author does try and tackle this and I guess even the most sensible men will do stupid things sometimes for pride, ego, love but it just somehow felt less ‘believable’

All in all though it’s a rather depressing book, particularly in that you can take it as an allegory on how evil always persists and how it ripples out and touches the lives around it. There was not a drop of redemption or hope in it at all.

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