Wild Olive Christmas Sampler


Wild Olive has released a really sweet Christmas sampler pattern and I just had to have a go.

I used Sulky Solvy for this again (despite it being redwork – red embroidery thread, despite supposedly being colour fast is notoriously colour leachy) and my love hate relationship with Sulky Solvy continues. Sulky Solvy has completely spoiled me with its ease of pattern transfer, it’s just what happens to your work after you’ve washed the stuff off that doesn’t always make me happy. As I’ve said before (and will no doubt say again, I’ve recently started two more embroideries using the stuff), as well as problems with colours leaching sometimes, as you’re getting the embroidery wet to wash the stuff off, it can also make the fabric feel stiff and it leaves your stitches slightly raised. In the specific case of this embroidery, my satin stitching of the word Christmas looked a darn sight neater before it was washed and there was some staining, from I think the glue of the Solvy Solvy as well as some red leaching. I ended up washing the piece twice, the first time by hand and the second time on the hand wash setting of my washing machine. The second wash did get rid of some of the redness and some of the (I think) glue stains but not completely, so there’s some slight black staining either side of the piece, near the gnomes hats. Also, thanks to my unreliable washer – drier and having recently tumble dried my fluffy dark blue dressing gown before I washed the embroidery, it got covered in blue fluff, which I haven’t been completely able to get off. So, as a result I’ve only pinned the piece onto the mount board, I may try and wash it again or do something with it that will cover the stains, but not right now, there’s other things that have got my crafty attention now.

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