#craft365 day 121 – 150


Day 133 – Tudor Costume

A quick #craft365 update this month, I’ve always blogged my Wild Olive Christmas sampler and the tiger and santa’s dragon that I’ve been working on should hopefully be finished and blogged about later on today (cutting it right to the wire me). However in all the interminable tiger cross stitching I’ve been doing (I had to take a break from it in the end, which is why I’m now stitching it close to the wire), I have done a few other things, such as the tudor costume* for Boy Lacer (more last minute, to the wire crafting) and some english paper piecing which ended up as a Christmas present for Boy Lacer as well but will not be blogged yet as the end result was very much a prototype (result of more up to the wire crafting) and I’m not particularly happy with it, I plan on making another of this mystery object in the New Year, correcting the mistakes I made with Boy Lacer’s gift and doing a tutorial.


Day 147 – paper piecing

* The tudor costume was simply a rectangle of unhemmed red velvet tied at two corners for a cloak and a circle of red velvet and a circle of backing fabric sewn together wrong sides out, turned right way round, then gathered by a simple running stitch about 3 – 4 cm from the brim, to create a hat. The trim was stitched on top of the running stitch.


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