Christmas Stitching


Santa’s Dragon, pattern by Urban Threads, stitched for my dad.


Adapted Ed Hardy Tiger, stitched for Girl Lacer

Re: the tiger, anyone following my #craft365 on twitter, will know I’ve been stitching this for ages, since September I think. I had to have a couple of breaks from it, otherwise I’d have gone mad, but other than that it’s been pretty constant. The pattern is from Ed Hardy’s Love Kills Slowly, which is a collection of cross stitch patterns for the unlucky in love (well most of the patterns seem that way). I’m not sure if the book is in print anymore, a quick search and it seems only to be listed in online bookstores for ridiculous amounts of money. I’ve noticed it is available for Kindle but do not buy that, as the scale on the charts is so small, the resolution on at least the Kindle iPad app, just can not cope with the level of detail needed. And as much as the patterns are (mostly) quite nice, I don’t think the cross stitch world is going to particularly weep if this book isn’t available anymore as it’s a pain in the neck to work from. Ok the Kindle version is unusable but the book book version is only slightly better, the charts vary in size but each one (regardless of size) is put on one page , so if it’s a biggish chart, which most are, you really have to squint to read each square. Also (although I didn’t do much because of lack of time with this tiger), there’s a lot of back stitching in these patterns and the back stitching is marked on the patterns with thick black lines so you can’t read the squares underneath properly, so you have to guess.

The tiger was particularly tricky as there was a lot of colour variation in the key and a lot of those colours are pretty similar to each other. I managed to do the main shape of the face relatively quickly but it took forever to work out which individual colour went in each square and in the end, because I’d made quite a lot of mistakes and because I was running out of time, I ended up filling in the remaining random squares with random colours (from the selection I had been using) and like I say, other than the whiskers (which I’ve done less than there is on the pattern, this was 2am this morning by this point), I haven’t done any of the back stitching. But I’m pleased with it and I’m actually thinking of doing another pattern from the book but not for a little while at least, Ed Hardy has been taking way too much up of my crafting time.


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