On the menu: Christmas Food

Last Thursday

For some reason I can’t find the photo of the mince pie empanadas I made but trust me, they were gorgeous. Quite cute and a lovely, easy to make pastry, much easier than trying to make actual pies. The recipe said to use shop bought mincemeat but I made Nigella’s cranberry mincemeat as usual and it worked together really well. I could see the empanada idea and the pastry being used for all sorts of sweet fillings, all year round.



With the remainder of the mincemeat I made John Whaite’s Mincemeat and Marzipan Cinnamon Buns (without the icing, as I ran out of time before work). Despite looking a bit burnt (they didn’t taste burnt) they were delicious and oh so sweet with the marzipan. You can find the recipe here, but download it quick as I’m not sure how much longer the recipe booklet will be up after Christmas. Even if you’re already thinking about the January diet, the Christmas recipes in John’s booklet look amazing and will be good for next year.

And then there’s the Christmas Cake


I normally make Nigella’s recipe but this year I went for a Mary Berry recipe instead and it was fine, easy to make etc (although my made on the hoof icing is not good) but it’s not the Nigella recipe I like so much, I should not have strayed ….



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