2014 Review

So 2014, I will not say I’m going to miss you but I did get some stuff done (not quite as much as I’d dreamed about mind you!). I think the highlight of the year was watching my kids grow even more wonderfully into themselves. Girl Lacer is on the cusp of becoming a lovely young lady and if anything is increasing her already abundant caring nature, she’s discovered recently that she likes to shop, both with me and her gaggle of friends, she’s an amazing artist as well and puts me to shame really. Boy Lacer has literally blossomed this year, I know I don’t write much about his autism as I did when he was younger but that’s because I no longer need to, we were blessed with wonderful early intervention, which I always say he’s a walking, talking poster child for, so he was already doing pretty well but this year, wow, having previously struggled with friendships a bit, this year he’s really grown socially and it’s been wonderful to see.

Embroidery wise I did this –

Embroidery 2014

1. Camera bag charm, 2. Gallery tote, 3. Elephant pouch, 4. Love is Love, 5. Frankenstein embroidery, 6. Do what you love, love what you do, 7. Untitled, 8. Koi carp embroidery, 9. Walk in the park embroidery (slightly closer up), 10. The TARDIS and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, 11. Mexican card cushion, 12. peg bag, 13. Vintage flowers, 14. Fox, 15. Sunflower, 16. Lavender heart, 17. Envelope quilt block #crafttheparcel, 18. Furry Stitching, 19. Wild Olive Christmas sampler, 20. Santa’s dragon, 21. Adapted Ed Hardy Tiger

I know I would have liked to have stretched myself a lot lot more this year but it’s not too surprising I didn’t but there’s always next year! I think my favourite / the ones I’m most proud of embroideries this year were the gallery tote, the koi carp embroidery, vintage flowers, furry stitching and the Ed Hardy Tiger (links go to the original blog posts).

Sewing wise I did this –

Sewn 2014

1. Untitled, 2. Love is Love, 3. World Book Day 2014, 4. Untitled, 5. Walk in the park bag, 6. Koi carp bag, 7. Camera bag charm, 8. Gallery tote, 9. Elephant pouch, 10. Mexican card cushion, 11. peg bag, 12. Owl, 13. Elephants from Fun of the Fair, 14. IMG_2982, 15. Lavender heart, 16. Envelope quilt block #crafttheparcel, 17. Tudor costume

And to be honest there’s not much there I’m particularly proud of, there was quite a bit of sewing for necessity this year, particularly costumes for school. I think my two favourites, just because they’re comfy on the sofa and they make me smile when I see them, are the two cushions I made this, the mexican card cushion (because I like my fabric choices) and the map cushion you can see sneaking out behind the (shop bought) Union Jack cushion, second from the left on the bottom row, that was made from a fabric panel I’d had in my stash for far too long (that cushion is particularly comfy, we have silent warfare as a family about who gets it and ooh, if I find it in the kids’ bedroom!).

I end the year with quite a long list of UFOs, off the top of my head –

  • the sky scarf
  • the mood blanket
  • the triangle blanket (which is verging on being given up on)
  • the star quilt
  • the fairy tale quilt
  • the Native American myths quilt
  • family portrait cross stitch
  • a mystery present for Mr. Lacer
  • embroidered shoes
  • bunny cross stitch
  • mint cross stitch

Book wise I read a rather disappointing 34 books this year (down eight books from last year and there I had been hoping to read 50 books this year). They were –

2014 books

There was a lot of Rick Riordan (read with the kids), in total there was 23 adult fiction (-6 from last year), 9 kids fiction (-1 from last year) and 2 non-fiction (-1 from last year). My book of the year has to be The Goldfinch, but honourable mentions (for continuing to stick round in my head) go to The Wolves of London, Foxglove Summer, The Silkworm, I Am Pilgrim, and 14 (despite it’s really dodgy ending). Books I really wish I hadn’t bothered wish were The Vanishing Witch, Murder (definitely wish I hadn’t read that), Our Mathematical Universe, The Greatcoat and The Farm. Lets try and make 2015 a year of fewer book regrets, I might read more then! (I always slow down when I’m reading something I’m not keen on). I go into 2015 with a massive (for me) number of books (9) on my currently reading shelf in Goodreads, I’m finding I’m ‘giving up’ a lot on books recently but refusing to officially give up though, so they’re still technically being read, sometimes I do go back to them, sometimes I don’t.

Music wise this year I let Spotify so into my life (yes I know, bit behind) and I’ve had lots of fun finding new music. My favourite discovery (and most listened to, at least for the last 2 – 3 months or so) has to be The Show Ponies. I’m pretty sure The Show Ponies aren’t that well known over here in the UK (I don’t know, I’m not that ‘with it’, they could be massive for all I know, the only radio, other than comedy radio 4 podcasts, I listen to is the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and they ain’t on that), I only discovered them after hearing their song Gone on an acoustic Spotify playlist and now I’ve been rollicking through their back catalogue. So I have no idea, am I doing the musical equivalent of admitting I like One Direction (which I don’t by the way)? Or are they cool to like? Anyway, I don’t care, their stuff is good!

And this one always sends shivers down my spine

Happy New Year everyone!


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