On the menu: Mug Cakes



I bought myself Mug Cakes* by Mima Sinclair for Christmas. I’d been both intrigued and dubious about the idea of mug cakes, after all, I almost never use the microwave (I only use it for reheating mashed potato) but I did like the idea of almost instant cake (who wouldn’t, well, I’m sure Paul Hollywood wouldn’t be too keen), so I thought why not.

Mug Cakes has forty recipes divided between everyday (classics) cakes, occasion cakes, Happy Hour (cakes with alcohol, but not exclusively) and treats and puds which includes a recipe for a made in the microwave chocolate chip cookie, I….am…..not…..sure…..about……that. But other than me being (probably unnecessarily) squeamish about the chocolate chip cookie thing, the rest look ok, with some looking positively fancy (I’m not sure about the whole idea of icing microwave cakes, after all I have issue enough doing it with a cake I’ve spent a lot more time over baking conventionally but I’m not keen on icing full stop, so that’s probably just me).

I had a go at making the egg free chocolate cake (as I could’ve sworn I had eggs in the house but the fridge obviously ate them), it didn’t lack anything for not having egg in and actually I think it’d make a great vegan cake if you substituted the milk and butter for vegan alternatives. I (sticking with what I did have in the  cupboard), substituted the chocolate chips in this recipe with cocoa nibs (bought a while back, slightly nervous about using) and I also used ‘healthy’ cocoa powder and coconut sugar, as that’s what I had as well. I ended up cooking the cake for 30 seconds longer than the recipe said, as when I checked it when the time was originally up, the cake didn’t look quite done at the edges but I think actually the extra 30 seconds made it a bit dry (like the sort of chocolate cake you’d buy at a train station) and if I’d thought about it, of course stuff from a microwave continues to cook for a bit when you take it out, so I should have trusted the timings a bit more. The cocoa nibs were nice, with quite a nutty texture and taste, which was just about ok considering I’m not that much into nuts. Other than being a bit dry the cake was quite nice, it doesn’t beat a good, properly home made cake but as an emergency ‘I need cake now’ cake it was fine. The portion was pretty big though and I couldn’t manage all of it (wow, that’s a first for me!). I think this book would be great for all those people, who like me, have times in their life where they need emergency cake, it’s good in that you make one (ok big) portion and that’s it, so you don’t have more cake laying around tempting you and of course it would be great for students.

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