Sky Scarf 2014

IMG_3523I’ve done it! Phew! That was not exactly a labour of love unfortunately, I really enjoyed recording sky colour each day but knitting it, especially towards the end was a bit of a pain as it would tangle badly as soon as you looked at it. I bought the kit from Leafcutter Designs and the wool is much much finer than this inexperienced knitter was used to, it’s basically the width of embroidery thread more or less but I guess it has to be for you to be able to combine two colours to match the sky conditions that day and for the scarf to not be even longer than it is already! The wool is very soft and lovely but the finished scarf feels fragile to me, perhaps if anything because I know who knitted it and how many mistakes were made (i.e. me and loads), so that and because so much work went into it, I’m not sure how often I’m going to wear it, I’m more of a big snood kinda girl anyway.

But don’t get me wrong with all my whinging, I’m glad I did it, I look up to the sky more reflexly now, which is a good thing (and for 2015 I’m going to continue recording sky colour for a different project) and I think it’s great that I have such a unique memento of 2014. My aim behind doing both the sky scarf and the mood blanket (which is months away from being finished by the way) was to turn myself from someone who knitted so infrequently that every time she picked up her knitting needles she had to remind herself how to cast on and do the knit stitch, to someone who, although still a very basic knitter, knitted regularly and that’s happened. It’s happened so much in fact, that I already, as well as the mood blanket, have another (non calendar based) project on my needles, which is getting me all excited and I’ve been looking through my small collection of knitting books I’ve bought over the years with fresh eyes that say “I could do that” (possibly) instead of “No way”. So mission accomplished!

IMG_3527As an aside – I lost the label that came with the project, a long time ago, so I decided to make a new one, part prompted by my paranoia about loosing the scarf if I do wear it. Inspired by the numerous pins about how to make fabric labels on Pinterest, most of which use ribbon, I wanted something a bit bigger, so I used white fabric, with a backing of red and white dotted fabric, to add a splash of a different colour. I used Print’ Jet transfer paper for light fabrics (manufactured by Clairefontaine), which I got from my local art store. I had previously sworn off ink jet transfer paper for fabric as the stuff I’d bought from WHSmiths was incredibly shiny and horrid but this stuff is much better (probably more expensive though, I can’t remember).


Here’s to more knitting in 2015!



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