#TSNEM January – acrylic painting



My #TSNEM this January was acrylic painting, I’ve always wanted to encourage myself to do more (like some at all!) painting and drawing and I’ve always been a bit disheartened because I’m not very good at it but in the back of my head there’s always that voice going “Well you’re not going to get good at something unless you practice!”, so I’m practising! And I think I may have found another clue as to what my painting and drawing ‘thing’ is, I prefer and am more comfortable creating modern / non realistic art, as put it this way I can’t do realism at all anyway! And also, when I think about it, if you could give me a day where I could visit a modern art gallery or a ‘traditional’ art gallery but not both, I would go for the modern art gallery every single time, so I guess it should be a case of draw / paint what you love then.

Anyway, my first acrylic painting was very much done with lots of virtual hand holding via a tutorial on Creativebug by Lisa Congdon called Paint a Geometric Star and I found it to be very helpful and inspiring and I really enjoyed the entire process, so I definitely plan on doing more! I particularly liked how the process forces you to do it in small steps; the straight lines were created with artist tape and so you could only paint small sections at a time and as it required several layers for each section, the whole thing took me over a week I think. I’ve been doing a lot of housework recently, in particular in my bedroom / makeshift (because I don’t have anywhere else) craft space (I know the top of my chest of drawers in the photo above looks messy but honestly but that’s it in its tidy state!) and so I would get out my acrylic paints and my in progress painting, paint a section or two, go off and do some housework and then come back and paint another layer, do more housework and so and so on. So it made a fantastic mini creative break between all the drudgery.

I’m really looking forward to my #TSNEM February now!

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