On the menu: chocolate chip cookies



I still have extremely fond memories of Smitten Kitchen’s Popcorn Cookies, despite only making them once (it still annoys and mystifies me that I’m always on the search for new recipes to try, which ok yes, is very fun but when I do that to the neglect of absolutely delicious recipes I know are gorgeous and should make again and again*? ), anyway one of the particularly nice things (other than the popcorn, sigh, or the sweet and salty combination, double sigh) was that the biscuit base around the popcorn was extremely nice and I thought at the time it would be good to use the base, without the popcorn, to make chocolate chip cookies and I’ve only just got round to it.

I used Guittard chocolate chips, which I got from Ocado and which, yes I’ll admit *looks a bit sheepish – sorry Mr. Lacer* were a bit on the expensive side but after using them, I don’t think they’re that expensive after all; chocolate chips in general are expensive, I often think it’d be cheaper (and probably nicer) just to buy a chocolate bar or two and smash them up with a rolling pin in a plastic bag (and the smashing bit is always such fun), as you can spend a fortune on a container of chocolate chips and find that the recipe requires all of them. Whereas yes, the Guittard chocolate chips were more expensive than standard chocolate chips but they come in a much bigger packet, the chips themselves are bigger and they’re more chocolatey, so you need less, consequently, as you can see from the photo above, I’ve still got about two thirds of the packet left, so they probably work out cheaper! I also like how Guittard chips stay meltier for longer in the cookie, yum yum.

Anyway, there’s no actual photo of the cookies as they weren’t exactly photogenic, they splodged everywhere but they were nice and actually, weirdly, even nicer a day or two after they were made as they became more chewy and I like my chocolate chip cookies to have some chew.

* Mr. Lacer would say that very much applies to my blueberry muffins, which who always moans about me not making.


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