My other January 2015 challenges

As well as challenging myself to Try Something New each month and to bake something ‘challenging” each month, I’ve also challenged myself to bake a different sort of bread each month and to make a garment a month to. I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to make it for January (yes I know, falling at the first hurdle) but I did it!

First up my bread challenge, I’ve been craving decent bread rolls all month, i.e. not the sort of washed out things you get down the supermarket that can barely manage to call themselves bread, so I made some. The recipe is from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread (a book I suspect I’m going to be using a lot in this challenge),the recipe was quick (discounting the proving times but then you’re doing something else anyway!), easy and the result, omg, perfect, just what I had been craving. James gives you two options in the recipe, a soft roll version and a crusty roll version (it’s all about varying the oven temperature and timings) and I was completely torn about what one to go for but I went for the soft option in the end and they were yum. The rolls have more of a ‘crust’ on them than say those soft floppy things you get in the supermarket but they were easy to bite into and oh so soft and fluffy inside. I just *ahem* need to work on my bread rolling technique now.




As for my garment challenge, I think when I envisioned this, I thought all my garments would be sewn but I’m getting majorly into knitting at the moment, so whereas I’ve been struggling with the skirts and pyjamas I wanted to make this month, somehow I seem to have knitted myself a snood, an adapted* Lula Hoop pattern from Wool And The Gang (my new favourite wool peddler). And I’m going to count that as a garment challenge success because a) it’s a garment b) I had to completely refresh my memory on how to do purl stitch with this one (it’s been a loooong time) and it did involve some construction to put it together and c) I bloody love it. Wool And The Gang wool is in such fantastic colours and I love how soft and cozy it is.


*Adapted as I’ve made the pattern stripy, the original is all one colour.


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