On the menu: more chocolate chips




I’ve been craving chocolate chip muffins, like the sort you get in train stations but infinitely better (not at all hard considering). It was surprisingly hard to find a chocolate chip muffin recipe in my cook book collection (I know I could have looked online but sometimes I feel that I do that too much, therefore negating the need of the three shelves of recipe books I have). I think chocolate chip muffins are probably a bit too unfashionably retro but I did find a basic muffin recipe in James Morton’s Brilliant Bread and I thought I’d add chocolate chips to that.

The result was, hmmm, ok. I used more of the chocolate chips from last week and they are in deed extremely chocolatey, so they sort of overwhelmed the actual muffin, so you couldn’t really taste what the actual cake was like, all you got was chocolate chip. There was no butter in the recipe, just sunflower oil and yoghurt and ok, it’s healthier but I did miss that buttery taste. They’re not particularly inspiring t look at either.

I think I’ve got chocolate chips out of my system or do I?



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