Capture Real Life – week 1


I’ve started A Beautiful Mess’s Capture Real Life in 52 weeks course and this week was about morning and night. I was back playing around with Hipstamatic for this one as I’m at least temporarily reducing my access to instagram, in an attempt to reduce my access to social media in general and actually I prefer the filters on Hipstamatic anyway. But there is one ‘problem’ with Hipstamatic in that there are so many possible combinations of filters and lenses and flashes I forget which does what and if I’m trying to catch something in the moment I’m not very likely going to try and work out which combination I want, so I tend to shake my camera to access random mode, sometimes it works out well and sometimes it doesn’t. For example (and I’ve been using the random mode so much I don’t even know what filter or lenses or flash or whatever is doing it) the night street scene and the knitting photo, I like the colours in both, particularly the dark turquoise blue sky and the way how that is reflected in the windows on the street scene but I’m not sure if I like the orange lenses flare on top of it.

Part of the journal is deliberately covered by pens and my scissors in this shot as I try not to include photos of my kids* or any identifying locations on social media. My ‘day’ job is in social media and I’ve been rightly trained to be paranoid. But each to their own.

Girl Lacer though is rapidly approaching the age where she’s going to possibly be posting selfies of herself all over the internet on her own and if she does do that (after many lectures from me about what not to post) I may start occasionally using pictures of her here to but only with her permission.


3 thoughts on “Capture Real Life – week 1

  1. Hah. I actually just wrote a post about something similar, being overwhelmed by the amount of film/lens combos. First thing…check out this site… It’s a *huge* help. Second thing…the best neutral combo is the Lowy lens with Blanko Freedom 13 film. Freedom 13 is totally neutral with no border. The only thing it does is put a small red/white/blue stripe thing in the lower right corner. Easily removed or ignored. Jane is a fantastic lens. Another classic combo is John S/BlackKeys Supergrain.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Oops. Forgot to add, look at Irom 2000 and Rasputin films with either Jane or Lowy. Very nice combinations. Take a photo with the iPhone camera by itself in square mode then compare it with a shot of the same scene using Lowy/Freedom 13. You’ll see what I mean by “most neutral”. Lowy definitely adds something but its slight and it looks good.

    1. Hi jkratz

      Thank you for the link and the recommendations, I will definitely remember them, I was looking for a good neutral combo, so much appreciated!

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