#TSNEM February – ribbing

Wristwarmers with contrast rib

I’ve wanted to make these gloves for a while, they’re on the cover of Learn to Knit, Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson and they were the pattern that sold me the book. I did try and make them shortly after I got the book but I was getting my knit and purl muddled up and it was a bit of a disaster and I never got beyond two rows. But I’ve reacquainted myself with purl recently, so I thought I’d give them a go again. I’ve never successfully tried ribbing before and it was hard going at first and I made a few mistakes, so the grey ribbing on one of the gloves is a bit skew riff. I also dropped and clumsily fixed a few stitches in the stockinette stitch on that glove to and when I first attempted the blue ribbing I had to completely rip it out because it didn’t remotely resemble ribbing. But it clicked in the second attempt and I learnt to recognise whether I needed to knit or purl by looking at the stitches in the previous row, it made things much simpler!

I am quite pleased with the results, although the gloves do feel a little big width wise (I have skinny arms) and they do have a slight resemblance in feeling to the wrist support I wore after surgery but no, I am pleased and I’ll be wearing them with a smile on my face for the rest of the winter!

So this was my #TSNEM for February, it’s also (as it’s obviously a garment) by February garment challenge piece (yes I know, another knitted piece, I need to sew something but I don’t think the simple skirt I made Girl Lacer this month counts).


January – acrylic painting

Garment challenge

January – Lula Hoop scarf


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