Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

We went to Bletchley Park today after visiting relatives, I’ve always wanted to go but I’d never thought it would be as quite as good as it actually was, it was brilliant! Basically for those that don’t know (or haven’t watched The Imitation Game), Bletchley Park is where Alan Turing and the codebreakers were based in the second world war. Walking around the site was incredibly atmospheric (helped possibly by some typically rubbish British weather and it being not that busy), a lot of the huts were set up like the codebreakers had just walked out and they had some brilliant audio effects that so echoed the past it was almost ghostly. I particularly liked seeing the old handwritten cards, the mansion house (which currently has a The Imitation Game exhibition on) and Hut 3 (the last 7 photos on my mosaic). We thought two hours would be enough but it wasn’t and we ran out of time, so we’ll be back again!


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