V&A February 2015

V&A Feb 2015

I’m having to visit the South Kensington area more frequently at the moment, so when I do, I always try and stop off at the V&A either when I arrive or before I go home. I love wandering through the museum, if anything I’m even more in love with the museum building itself and I love getting lost there and noticing the details big and small. I try not to gorge on the museum all at once, I have months, probably going onto years of having to be in South Kensington area a bit more than I’m normally there, so I’m trying to treat the V&A like a chocolate box and savour each tiny bite at a time, cherry picking between a combination of my favourite bits and wandering into new unexplored territory. Today I visited the tapestries (old favourite) and the theatre section next door (new discovery – the stage models were amazing).


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