On the menu – more Deliciously Ella



These were for lunch; quinoa fritters (from Deliciously Ella, I’ve menu planned all the recipes for this week from the book) made with sweet potato and buckwheat flour. Quite nice in a gently warming, filling sort of way, although if I make them again (probably), I’ll be shaping them with my hands!


And the reward for the most unappetising looking and tasting meal of the week goes to my evening meal of roasted kale and polenta. It tasted as good as it looks. The actual recipe also includes mushrooms, which I emitted because I don’t like them, maybe if you actually like mushrooms and the mushrooms were in the recipe this would be ok, but as it is, nope. I’ve had some lovely roasted kale before and although I’m not a big fan of polenta I’ve had some nice polenta in the past . . . but not today. I think my definition of nice polenta has got cheese in it. All together a bit bland and just like the beetroot and buckwheat risotto I made from the book last week, in desperate need of some additional ingredients to add flavour.


No photo but I made the simple oat biscuits from Deliciously Ella. They were quite nice but were more like flat cakes than biscuits and they certainly weren’t chewy as the recipe suggested (and if I’d left them in any longer they would have burnt). They were made with a mix of mashed banana, oats, coconut oil, buckwheat flour and maple syrup, they were very bananary, so I’d have called them banana biscuits really.



This was rather nice, as you can see I couldn’t stop to take a photo of it until after I’d eaten. The recipe is under classic stir fry in the Deliciously Ella book and it is pretty simple, just stir fried veg but the thing that pushes it over the edge is a really nice sauce combo of tahini, lemon juice, (weirdly) mixed dried herbs and soy sauce (it’s meant to be tamari but can I buy that anywhere? nope and anyway, soy sauce is a good substitute). I’d never thought of using tahini before in a stir fry but it coats the veg and the noodles really well and adds a subtle creamy texture, whilst at the same time the lemon juice really cuts through, yum, I will be making this again.



And the award for the dish that most looks like baby food goes to . . . butternut squash ‘risotto’. This is another Deliciously Ella risotto that isn’t actually a risotto, it uses brown rice which you are meant to cook for 45 minutes, sorry but I am not going to cook brown rice for 45 minutes, I think this is meant to give the brown rice a more risotto like texture but sorry, that can’t be doing good things to the brown rice’s nutrient content, over cooking it that much, surely? So if you’re going to screw around with the rice that much you might as well actually use proper risotto rice, but no, I’m still on that health kick, so I used brown rice and cooked it for the time it said on the packet, 25 minutes. Other than that and the alarming baby food texture and appearance, this was actually quite nice, I may make it again but in a more ‘inspired by’ the recipe fashion than actually following it next time.



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