February ‘challenging’ bake / bread – Mothering Buns


Just in the nick of time, my February ‘challenging’ (once again not that challenging) bake and my February bread bake (cheating a bit but they are yeasted buns) are Mothering Buns from Paul Hollywood’s British Baking. Apparently they are a traditional bake for Mothers Day in Bristol, whereas I just love iced buns and hundreds and thousands, so hats of to the Bristolians for the brilliant idea of combining them!

They’re a simple sweet yeasted bun with a simple icing sugar icing and hundreds and thousands, I think I could have made the icing slightly thicker and it’s harder than you think adding the hundreds and thousands (the first iced bun I dipped into the hundreds and thousands came out beautifully but after that more and more of the icing with each bun was mixing into my hundreds and thousands plate so it got a bit messy) but overall I’m really pleased with them, as they have a lovely taste and texture.

Challenging bakes

January –  giant jam tart

February – mothering buns

Bread of the month

January – bread rolls

February – mothering buns


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