On the menu – even more Deliciously Ella



So, I made the lentil bolognese, I’ve made lentil bologneses before but with red lentils and um, I don’t think using green lentils works so well (in fairness to Ella, I think, if I remember correctly, she did give a recipe modification if you did want to use red lentils). It was edible, but largely due to the not Deliciously Ella proscribed cheese on top. I had quite a lot of left overs (oh and that’s another thing, I think there’s an error in the recipe, it says 500g green lentils for 4 people, that’s a lot of green lentils, I ended up using 250g) and have frozen them but when I defrosted a portion the other day, it so looked even less edible than before I chucked it in the bin. I will stick the lentil bolognese recipes I’ve tried before because when done well, lentil bolognese is quite nice.

So, I think this is probably the end of me menu planning from the Deliciously Ella book (hoorah! goes my taste buds). I try (honest Mr. Lacer) not to buy many recipe books these days and so when I do, I guess the book is under even more pressure to perform well and Deliciously Ella didn’t. I feel kind of guilty criticising this book because Ella has obviously done marvellous things for her health using recipes like these and she does seem to have a lot of fans but it’s not for me. I found, in general, the recipes bland and a bit uninspiring. I could cope with the uninspiring but it’s definitely the blandness that got me, I can get why certain ingredients are missing from the recipes, as they’re not good for you but there are so many perfectly healthy flavour options you could use, instead she just seems to put quite a lot of salt in her recipes and to me that is definitely one flavouring that isn’t good for you. So, I don’t know, a big part of me thinks this book should join my big pile of recipe books I’ve got currently sitting in my hallway, waiting for me to struggle down to the charity shop with them and then another part of me goes “but you’ve only just bought it!” but there’s no point hanging onto stuff I don’t like, maybe it’ll make me purchase even more wisely next time.


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