World Book Day – Charlie Brown



Charlie Brown – if he was stretched out


Sometimes I think I’ve been too ‘successful’ with my costumes in the past because when it comes to yet another costume day at school (in the space of less than two weeks I’ve had to come up with or assist with – Girl Lacer can pretty much do her own now – five costumes for various school things, I am, to put it mildly, costumed out), so when I asked Boy Lacer what he wanted to go as for World Book Day, he said, without hesitation and in full confidence, “Charlie Brown”, my heart sank a little, how on earth could I find a Charlie Brown T-shirt at that amount of short notice? So, the answer of course was to make one.

I knew that it was likely to be a bit of a fruitless search to locate a yellow boys t-shirt in my (large) local shopping centre, kids fashion this upcoming season, at least here in the UK, seems to be quite dull in colour (which suits Girl Lacer to the ground incidentally, as she is not a girly girl, I’ve just updated her wardrobe with a whole load of grungy grey which she seems to love – hard to tell though, she’s turning into a teenager 2 years early). So I bought a cheap plain white t-shirt, a small sachet of yellow clothes dye and a pot of black fabric paint. The t-shirt dyed well. I was going to freezer paper stencil the zig zag pattern as I still have some freezer paper left over from when I went through a freezer paper stencilling craze about 4 years ago. I’ve been tripping over the roll ever since and in fact I would swear I saw the roll only last week in my craft space / bedroom but could I actually find it when I actually needed it? No, of course not. Freezer paper seems to be this miraculous invention that seems to do pretty much anything, which we don’t actually have in the UK (although you can find it in a few online craft stores now), so I couldn’t pop out to the shops and buy another emergency roll, so instead I used masking tape, I think it worked out quite well. Although I did have a bit of a problem with the black paint leaching a bit, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t getting under the masking tape because that would have just looked like extra black paint where I didn’t want black paint, no it was more like when you spill water on some ink and an ink stain spreads through the paper. I’ve not had that before when using fabric paint, I think it probably happened because I was using a super cheap t-shirt and the material was probably a bit dubious. But anyway, I think it still looks ok.


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