On the menu: Banana Bread



I’ve made banana bread (or variations of it), quite a lot over the last few months but this one definitely has to be the best. The recipe is from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread and it is indeed brilliant and you know why? It’s got butter and sugar in it. The banana breads I’ve made recently have all tended to be from healthy eating recipe books and they’ll have maple syrup instead of sugar and/or oil instead of butter and ok, those banana breads are ok (if a bit stodgy half of them) but you add butter and sugar and it’s pure joy on the tongue.

I am currently reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying (a strangely addictive book, I’m already smiling like the cat whose got the cream over the way I’ve rearranged my tshirt and jumper drawers – but I’ll blog about that later) but Kondo’s mantra when tidying “Does it bring you joy?” I think can also be applied to food. James Morton’s banana bread brings me joy, last week’s banana bread from A Lighter Way to Bake, did not. Just as the packet of sweets I’ve just eaten whilst writing this, despite me thinking I wanted them, did not bring me joy but I know a really crisp, flavoursome salad would. So I’m getting to thinking, if I just ate the foods that bought me joy, a banana bread made with actual butter and sugar would be balanced out by me not eating all those packets of sweets I don’t really actually want and actually even though this banana bread has got butter and sugar in, it’s still healthier than say a cupcake with tons of icing (which I don’t actually really like either). Also, I guess the joy in this banana bread is two fold, as I enjoyed making it too. So anyway I will be making this recipe again and I won’t be making the other banana bread recipes I’ve tried recently.


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