The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter foreverThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondō

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is one really addictive, strange book. I had assumed that a book on tidying would be really dry but actually it was written in a really nice style, with lots of anecdotes about the author’s journey from a very young age (5) into tidying and about her clients (she runs a business teaching people how to tidy and she has a 0% rebound rate).

The method can be basically summarised as first discard anything that does not bring you joy (in a specific order – clothes first, then books and so on), then with what’s left, you give everything a specific place.

There are a few tips on how to store stuff, I’m still working through discarding my clothes (I still have underwear to do, if you believe the book my socks are currently miserable and to be honest they do look it) and you’re not meant to think about storage until you’ve finished discarding but I thought I’d try out her way of arranging clothes in drawers. Basically instead of having piles in drawers (so that you can only see the tshirt on top for example), you roll it a special way and store it vertically, so that when you open the drawer you can see all your tshirts, you can store more this way too. When I had rearranged my drawers like this I had already discarded the tshirts and jumpers that didn’t ‘bring me joy’ but I still had a bit of trouble fitting everything in conventionally but rearranging so everything was rolled and standing vertically meant I could fit everything in easily. I now smile every time I open my tshirt or jumper drawer, as I can see all the tshirts and jumpers I own and it’s like picking from a chocolate box.

IMG_3873 IMG_3874

I still have some way to go in the process but I am confident that it’ll help control my personal belongings and areas of the flat I’m responsible for (seemingly most of it) but I am unsure whether I am ever going to get a completely tidy flat due to the other people (ie my family) who live here. I do think though that just like the title of the book says, getting at least my belongings in order will be life changing. Already I am wearing just clothes I am happy in, no more wearing stuff because it’s the first thing I could pull out, even though it makes me feel frumpy because a) I’ve made sure my clothes are accessible now and b) I’ve got rid of my frumpy clothes! I think I’ve probably got rid of between a third and a half of my wardrobe and I didn’t have an excessive amount of clothes to start with. This book has coincided with a change in my attitude towards my clothes anyway, I am increasingly aware what suits me (black, dark grey, navy blue with splashes of red) and increasingly aware of what doesn’t (pale colours and especially white). I am also more aware of what sort of cut of clothes suit me. So if I’m always wearing a ‘uniform’ of denim, navy blue tunics, grey cardigans and black dresses, as long as I’m happy and confident wearing them (I am), then so what, so I don’t need the other stuff in my wardrobe, which is good as I’ve gotten rid of it*! I am digressing but this book has helped show me that all you need is what you love.

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*As you can see from the photos, there are a few other colours in my wardrobe, items of clothing that bring me joy for other reasons but as I now know that I am much less likely to be happy with an item of clothing that isn’t blue, black, grey or red, I’m going to purchase any future clothing with that in mind (I was tending to do that anyway).

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