Capture Real Life – week 8 – pieces of me


This was hard this week, the challenge was to capture pieces of me that I like about myself, now currently there are lots of ‘pieces of me’ that are very necessary but I don’t particularly like and I find the idea of recording difficult, so it was hard to find positive stuff to photograph, which is why below is a picture of my new Converses and my laundry!

Anyway, a ‘piece of me’ is that I’m definitely a crafter although I haven’t done anywhere as near as much as I usually do this year so far and other than my knitting I know I haven’t really been blogging it. But I am still making stuff when I can.


A piece of me is that I have bad feet (pes cavus), I had a lot of surgery in my late teens / twenties, the recovery periods were long but my feet 15 odd years later are a lot lot better than they would have been without the surgery. Although they’re not 100% perfect, I live with it and tend not to think about it, I even run now, if badly (something I would not have imagined 15 years ago!). But I am never ever going to wear ‘fancy shoes’, in fact the only time I ever did was for my wedding, a pair of white satin slip ons with a slight heel and although I did practice in them a bit before the wedding, they were a complete nightmare and I remember walking down some of the registry office steps afterwards barefoot and then a little later on, walking down the tow path to the canal boat we’d hired for our wedding reception barefoot to. If the 40 year old me could go back in time to 23 year old, about to be married me, I’d have said “For god’s sake, go buy yourself a glitzy pair of Doc Martens or a pair of sparkly Converses, that will look fantastic with your wedding dress” but I think I’m probably less conventional as a 40 year old than I was at 23. Anyway, these days funnily enough I wear a mix of Doc Martens boots in the winter and Converses / Doc Martens shoes and sandals in the summer, I also have a rather lovely pair of Cath Kidston trainers at the moment to. I’ve learnt the hard way I can’t wear cheap shoes, I need a supportive sole otherwise it’s going to hurt! Each spring / summer I get through about two pairs of Converses, my gait is a bit awkward and the soles of my shoes wear down awkwardly, increasing pain in my feet. I don’t like wearing Converses in the winter, nothing like damp canvas shoes, yuck, so it’s always a mark of spring coming when I buy my first pair of the year. The pair above was bought a couple of weeks ago and I still smile when I see them on my feet.


Another sign of spring for me is putting washing out on the line. I work part time, mainly in the evenings / Sundays, so you could say my ‘9 to 5’ is being a housewife *cringe* and I am not very good at it but I do like clothes on the line and I absolutely love the smell. This year I started putting them out on the line in February but that was pure desperation as the drier part of our washer-drier has given up completely.

I am trying to keep to each week for Capture Real Life and as my week this week was very much about stuff I don’t want to capture, like I say, it was hard to find stuff to photo. Writing this now as I think about myself generally, I could have photographed myself cooking, reading (I did think about that, but photographing myself reading an e-device felt too tricky to do), running, walking but other than the reading, none of those things really happened this week.


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