March ‘challenging bake’ – blueberry breakfast scones


Now I know scones aren’t normally ‘challenging’ but they are in this house, as so far this year both me and the kids (on separate occasions) have attempted scones and although they were edible if I recall, they weren’t really scones, as neither recipe we tried quite worked out right. So I had another go for this month’s challenging bake, this time using Bill Granger’s Blueberry Breakfast Scone recipe (which happens to be here).

I liked the look of this recipe as I love things with blueberries in anyway and also it only has a tablespoon of sugar in (although it has 100g butter and 125ml cream). After working my way through some healthier versions of various cakes recently and not being that impressed, I am now increasingly drawn towards recipes for older cakes that would have been first baked at a time when large amounts of sugar and fat wouldn’t have been as readily available as they are today. I think eating a recipe that was never intended to have that much sugar and fat in, tastes much nicer than an adapted recipe of a cake / biscuit / whatever, that was originally created to have lots of sugar and fat. And I think scones count as ‘old’.

Anyway, this recipe was definitely nice, I’m not particularly convinced it’s that scone like though, it tastes more like cake (can you so see me complaining about that!).

Notes: I used white spelt flour, as that’s what I had and I had to use the dough paddle on my mixer to do the first part of the recipe, as the recipe calls for a food processor and I discovered that my brand new food processor, when switched on, didn’t actually work. I don’t think either change affected the resulting scones adversely.

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